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Upcoming Events and Activities for HDARC

Here is a special invitation for a spectacular site for Field Day. Click here for flyer details.

With a great focus on social distancing and not holding large social gatherings, we are officially postponing HamCon Colorado 2020 until 2021. We realize that there are lots of concerns from our attendees and we want to make sure that we can have an event that everyone will be comfortable in attending. The new convention date will be announced at a future date when preparations are made for the venue.

As of Tuesday May 19, we are in official negotiations with our venue to return our funds on deposit for the HamCon Colorado 2020 convention. Once the venue returns our funds, we will be promptly returning all registrant funds via Paypal if the registration was done in the last 180 days less the small fees that Paypal retains. If the registration was done outside of 180 days, we will be sending a live check to you.

We apologize for the late date of postponement, but we want to make sure you’re safe. We’re looking forward to 2021 already and our committee is already engaged on making the 2021 convention even better than 2020!

Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you for your interest in HamCon Colorado.


John Maxwell, W0VG
HamCon Colorado 2020 Chairman

Grab your jackets and hats because the spring winds are here and soon will be the monsoons.

Be ready to dress for everything and be sure to use your sunblock.
It’s time to check your antennas and guy lines.
Remember to be lightning safe during the storms.

The Officers are working on many exciting new projects and activities for this year and next.
Please be sure to check our Calendar page on this website for activities.
Also in the planning stages are some Special Event Field Operations.
We are participating in Adult Night at Explora and other events around the area.
Come join us as we share HAM Radio with the community and connect to the world.
Please submit any ideas you have for future activities to our president, David Ham,

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