Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events and Activities for HDARC

Grab your sunblock, coats, hats, and gloves! Summer is here and so are the hot and rainy days. Here’s hoping we get a good monsoon season this year!

Be ready to dress for everything and be sure to use your sunblock.
It’s time to check your antennas and guy lines.
Remember to be lightning safe during the storms.

The Officers are working on many exciting new projects and activities for this year and next.
Please be sure to check our Calendar page on this website for activities.
Also in the planning stages are some Special Event Mobile Operations.
We are participating in Adult Night at Explora and other special events around the area.
Come join us when we share HAM Radio with the community and connect to the world.
Please submit any ideas you have for future activities to our president, Jerry Aceto,

July 20 is the Adult night at Explora Museum. The event starts at 6:30 PM. ”
Come join us sharing HAM radio with the community and around the world.

September 21 – 23 is the Duke City Ham Fest at the Isleta Resort and Casino.
Come join us for an exciting time for HAM radio.
Click here for details.

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